Past meets present: The Toyota Corolla Big Body and Altis

Past meets present: The Toyota Corolla Big Body and Altis Justin Estrella /  Justin Estrella, Charles Estrella A look at the most popular C-segment car, 20 years apart A lot has changed in the last two decades. From pagers, cassette tapes, and telegrams, we’ve advanced to smartphones, Spotify, and Skype. The same can be said for the… Read More Past meets present: The Toyota Corolla Big Body and Altis

Ultrasonic Test

Ultrasonic Test Ultrasonic Inspection is one of the NDT methods to find out the condition of elastic materials (metals and few non – metals) by means of injecting mechanical vibrations into the materials. This method is capable of detecting surface, subsurface and internal discontinuities on materials. Ultrasonic waves are the sound waves having the frequency… Read More Ultrasonic Test

Radiographic Test (X-Ray and Gamma )

Equipment Needs: X-ray sources, Gamma ray sources, gamma ray camera protectors, film holders, lead screens, film processing equipment, film viewers, exposure facilities, radiation monitoring equipment. Applications: Welds which have voluminous discontinuities such as porosity, incomplete joint penetration, corrosion, etc. Lamellar type discontinuities such as cracks and incomplete fusion can be detected with a lesser degree… Read More Radiographic Test (X-Ray and Gamma )